IUCN World Conservation Congress

World Conservation Congress : Planet at the crossroads

Designed a series of posters and a brochure for the workshop titled “Moving towards a sustainable mangrove economy” at the IUCN World Conservation Congress, Hawai’I 2016 The purpose of the workshop was to show how "profitable" mangrove protection is, and how much modern societies could gain on an economic, social and ecological level if they replaced currently widespread unsustainable practices with sustainable and high added value practices, within a climate change context that will deeply affect mangroves in the years to come

An adapted infographic of one of the posters was shared nearly 800x and reached over 140,000 people on Facebook

Worked together with talented illustrator Gianna Meola to reach the desired look for the 3 posters; Mangrove Services, Mangrove Products and Mangrove Apiculture. Client // Conservatoire du littoral