Produced 3 animation for this EU-funded project which aims to engage young people, youth workers, trainers, community educators, and the general public to use their consumer power to take action towards a fair and sustainable food system. The first was an animation competition win, titled ‘Question Your Shrimp’ which presented the importance of choosing locally sourced food (not just shrimp) and encourages people to find out where their food comes from. Some of the hidden social, environmental and health impacts were exposed, that many would be unaware of. A further animation would describe the visions and missions of Map Your Meal, while the other presented ideas of what could be done to improve the global food system.

According to numerous reports, nearly all (over 90%) raw shrimp available in the US are farmed in Asian countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, India and Indonesia.

Designed and produced 3 one and a half minute animations, 2 posters and a series of postcards.Client // Map Your Meal