City Pollinators

The film is about an inspiring bee-keeper called Heather, who passes on her devoted knowledge of bees to Rufus a 5 year old boy, so that he might one day grow up to protect nature.

The film was shot on the outskirts of Bristol, UK to see how urban communities are coming together to reconnect with nature. Heather runs a non-profit called Bee the Change which aims to halt the pollination Crisis by connecting communities to nature through bee conservation.

Co-videography // Felipe Rosa, Pedro Furtado
Voice // Melissa Thom
Graphics // Leo Thom
Music // Wilf de Salis

Bees are a keystone species. In nature everything is completely dependent on bees. Yet, we have lost 97% of our wildflower meadows since 1995 in the UK.

Pre production, production and post production.
Personal Project